ZINQ® Technologie is thrilled microZINQ® at Intergalva 2015.

In early June – between the seventh and twelfth of June, to be exact – it was ‘time’ once again, after a three years’ pause:
The Who’s Who of the international hot-dip galvanisation industry and its associated manufacturers met at the sector most important conference: the INTERGALVA conference, at the renowned ACC conference centre located at Liverpool’s waterfront.
More than 600 visitors and 40 exhibitors from all over the world profited from the conference’s full programme of talks, workshops, events and excursions.

And ZINQ® Technologie was naturally among the firms who made their way to the ‘Beatles City,’ where they presented to the assembled audience of specialists their impressive range of services, encompassing consultation, supervision and project management for piece-wise zinc works. ZINQ® Technologie are active in newbuild and conversion projects wherever questions concerning plant and process technology are involved – in daily operations or in the deployment and adaptation of new piece-wise hot-dip galvanised surfaces. And its modular system and technology licences for the newest piece-wise hot-dip galvanised surfaces were of particular interest to visitors.It was, however, above all ZINQ® Technologie’s microZINQ® that was received with the greatest interest at the conference. With the help of numerous exhibits and a mobile clinch press, the visitors were given a demonstration of the functional features and optical properties of this innovative high-performance surface.  At ZINQ® Technologie’s stand, those interested could get actively involved and clinch a micro-galvanised key ring or reshape micro-galvanised sheet-metal parts – and take there creations home with them.