microZINQ® keeps it up

Current dates to note

Made market-able in 2003, microZINQ® today can show a remarkable number of honors. Next to its main microZINQ® Roadsterbusiness, the galvanization of steel, the presence at many trade fairs and expert conferences has made the product well-known in public – with a very positive feedback. Therefore, microZINQ® got at least two awards in 2013 – the Materialica Best-Of Surface and Technology Award and the German Rohstoffeffizienz-Preis – as well as the Industriepreis 2014 in the current year.

Just one more out of many reasons to continue “going on tour” with microZINQ® and tell and convince the public more about this innovative thin layer technology. So the weeks’ time schedule is full:
On 16th October the 11th Dresdner Korrosionsschutztage have been set. There, Dr. Thomas Pinger has delivered a speech about „Thin layer galvanizing – characteristics, areas of application and potentials within the use of binary zinc-aluminum coatings”.

The Metallbaukongress in Nuremberg on 8th November has its tenth anniversary and fully concentrates on current news of this industrial sector. With his talk about “Thin layer HDG, correction of zinc coatings and active avoidance of zinc absorption” Dr. Thomas Pinger will bring the visitors closer to the innovations, characteristics and advantages of microZINQ®.

All good things come in threes – in this spirit the Nano und Material Symposium Niedersachsen on 27th November marks the preliminary last point with a lecture on microZINQ® as an awardee of the German Rohstoffeffizienz-Preis  2013 („Corrosion-resistant HDG with high aluminum contents – Rohstoffeffizienzpreis 2013 of the BMWi“, Dr. Thomas Pinger).