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Your technology provider and licensor in the hot dip galvanizing industry.

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microZINQ for all: DIN 50997 standard for zinc-aluminium batch galvanizing approved

Gelsenkirchen. The Materials Testing Standards Committee (NMP, Normausschuss Materialprüfung / Working Committee for hot-dip coating) has adopted the...

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Gold for ZINQ

ZINQ wins “Cradle to Cradle Challenge Award”

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ZVO Surface Days 2018 with ZINQ

Leipzig attracts with most extensive program so far

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About us


New applications and new qualities of steel imply new requirements for zinc corrosion protection.

Although batch hot dip galvanizing (HDG) is without question the best method for the long lasting corrosion protection of steel, customers and users are voicing new and increasing demands for HDG coatings.

ZINQ Technologie has accepted this challenge and already offers innovative solutions for all steel processing companies looking for new batch hot dip galvanizing technologies and solutions.

Service include:

  • development of new batch HDG galvanizing coatings based on modular systems and technology licenses to individually match each customer’s needs

  • efficient project management to support every aspect of building and operating batch hot dip galvanizing plants using ZINQ-coatings

  • delivery of raw materials and process chemicals to secure the high quality standard of ZINQ-processes

ZINQ Technologie provides consultancy, assistance and supervising services for batch hot dip galvanizing companies, covering all your questions around plant and process techniques – in your daily business, in the use or conversion to new batch HDG coatings as well as in building or revamping projects.

ZINQ Technologie GmbH is certified according to the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Research &

ZINQ Technologie runs the “ZINQ-Tank” for a whole industry.

The company disposes of a state-of-the-art research and development center that is unique in the industry. A highly qualified and interdisciplinary team develops new processes and application possibilities for batch hot dip galvanizing.

ZINQ Technologie is the worldwide market leader in the sector of high performance binary and ternary batch HDG processes and provides the best solutions for your products in the field of resource efficient coatings. Thanks to our patented ZINQ-technology it is possible to add aluminum or magnesium to alloys and to refrain from adding lead, cadmium and nickel.

Indeed, ZINQ Technologie takes another approach to developing new and better products and processes: in close collaboration with customers, the ZINQ innovation process seeks to optimize functional characteristics by combining steel and ZINQ. Especially for joining techniques, cold forming applications after galvanizing and the use of functional topcoats (for instance, for setting friction coefficients) ZINQ Technologie is on your side.


ZINQ Technologie offers flexible license programs adapted to the customers’ needs with a choice of binary and ternary alloy technologies.

The basis of the license model is the system license – including processes and know-how for building an economically successful HDG-business. The knowledge of 125 years in batch hot dip galvanizing is available in form of the ZINQ-Management-System (ZMS) and the ZINQ-Production-System (ZPS). As a licensee you receive all the necessary information to guarantee a high quality galvanizing operation.

The experts from ZINQ Technologie support licenses in choosing the perfect mix between general system know-how and surface technologies from our flexible license modules.

A strong, established network of more than 30 licensees secures the connection between innovation development and practical experience. Members of the network also assist each other in enlarging the market for ZINQ-surfaces.

Project Management & Engineering

Do you have a specific idea of the technology you want to use for galvanizing your steel parts and need the production capacity to match?

Companies without their own batch hot dip galvanizing plant but indeed of batch HDG services or those wishing to bring their own plant up to date can rely on ZINQ Technologie’s advice from the project’s beginning throughout the entire process.

This not only includes the adaption of already existing plants to ZINQ-technologies but also the conversion of coating plants, such as KTL-coating plants.

Do you have tight schedules or complex processes related to construction in existing buildings?
No problem for our ZINQ-experts: We define and supervise your plant project until operations have successfully started up.

Thanks to continuous optimization and long experience ZINQ Technologie holds an outstanding position at the top end of engineering with established practical experience and references.

You can profit from our engineering experience of more than 35 years in building batch hot dip galvanizing plants and over 50 successful projects!

Products & Services

As part of the license services ZINQ Technologie offers high-quality raw materials and chemicals for the pre- and after-treatment of galvanized parts. Tested in market-leading galvanizing plants, these products have proven themselves in practice many times over.

Products include ZINQ fix and ZINQ free helping to obtain specific surface characteristics as well as products for zinc bath management, such as Oxiash and Oxikleen. High-quality surfaces with low raw material consumption – this is what the special products of ZINQ Technologie aim for.

Needless to say that ZINQ Technologie handles all laboratory analyses for licensees and ensures ongoing benchmarking to improve processes and methods.

All of this is ZINQ with a Q for quality.